Bathmate HydroVibe Review

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Bathmate HydroVibe

The Bathmate HydroVibe is the perfect addition to any of Bathmate’s hydro pumps, including the HydroXtreme series. The Bathmate HydroVibe provides great stimulation to your penis, allowing you to enhance the effects of your penis pump. Therefore, if you’re looking for something extra, this tool combines sexual health and sexual stimulation into one. 


The Bathmate HydroVibe isn’t an ordinary vibrator. It provides you with over 100 different vibration settings, so you can adjust the device according to your preferences. It works exclusively with hydro-based penis pumps and is completely waterproof.

Bathmate HydroVibe Price

How to Use the Bathmate HydroVibe?

The HydroVibe is a hydro device that includes a wide, silicon band and two large-sized bullet vibrators. The band is meant to be adjusted over your penis pump so that your experience is more pleasurable. 


As mentioned, you can control the vibration frequency from multiple pulse settings. The pulses are easy to control via the power buttons, although it can be tricky at first. Make sure to take off the plastic covering over the buttons before your first use. Otherwise, it’s hard to push down the button and sync both the bullets. 


The Bathmate HydroVibe works great with any penis pump (that meets the size criteria), but Bathmate pumps are preferable. Bathmate hydro pumps fit perfectly within the silicon ring, and you don’t have to worry about it becoming intact.  

Additionally, the bullets are easy to charge as you just need to unscrew the tops to access the charging ports. The charging ports are standard USB ports and can be plugged into any compatible outlets. 

By using the Bathmate HydroVibe, you get multiple benefits, including:

  • Relaxed Muscles

Generally, vibrations are great to sooth out muscle stress and eliminate knots. The Bathmate HydroVibe gives you 100 different vibration settings, so by finding the right one, you can get amazing results. 

Not only will this allow you to feel greater pleasure, but this will also help you prolong your pleasure.  

  • Improved Mood

Also, by combining Bathmate penis pumps with the HydroVibe, you get a higher production of oxytocin, which is the hormone associated with good moods. You can relax and rid yourself of any negative emotions. 


  • Enhanced Blood Flow

The HydroVibe also allows blood to flow more successfully throughout your body. Vibration helps increase the rate of blood flow, increasing the rate at which your organs receive nutrients and oxygen. Consequently, your overall health is positively affected.

  • Pain Relief

Additionally, the Bathmate HydroVibe works as a pain relief as it also helps release a hormone called enkephalin. Increased amounts of enkephalin improve sleep patterns as well as fights against muscle pain. 

Moreover, if you feel discomfort using the Bathmate penis pumps alone, the HydroVibe helps eliminate this discomfort. 


  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to charge
  • Waterproof vibrator
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


In sum, the Bathmate HydroVibe is a highly versatile and powerful product. It will help increase the effects from your Bathmate hydro pump as well as unmatched pleasure. All you need to do is add it to your bath time routine. 


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