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Viasil Review 2020

Viasil Review – Is Viasil a Scam? Do Not Buy Until You Read This!

Research shows that approximately every tenth man in the world suffers from sexual health issues like ED. To counter these issues, men take penis enhancement pills like Viasil. However, making sure that the pills are safe and reliable can be a hassle. After all, without proper research, how are you to know whether or not it’s safe?     Well, don’t worry because we’ve put everything you need to know about Viasil in this article. According to its website, Viasil is a 100% natural male performance enhancement supplement.  Not convinced? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out more.    What Are Viasil Penis Enhancement Pills? Viasil pills are penis enhancement supplements produced by Swiss Research Labs, which is a European company. Swiss Research Labs, based in Switzerland, manufactures dietary supplements that help solve sexual problems for males.   So if you have low libido or weak stamina, Viasil is a great all-natural supplement made from plant extracts.  The three main ingredients include:  
  • Zinc
  To begin with, we have zinc, which helps you reach natural levels of male hormones, boosting your sperm production. Your hormones promote fertility so enhanced hormones mean enhanced sexual health.  Zinc also helps speed up cell recovery, which is helpful if you’re also using a penis pump or penis extender.     
  • Epimedium brevocorum
  Commonly known as goat weed, epimedium brevocorum is a plant extract rich in lacarrin. Lacarrin reduces PDE5, a substance that inhibits blood circulation, in your bloodstream. Therefore, you have increased blood flow and by default, can get more sexually aroused.     
  • Citrus Sinensis
  This compound increases ATP production in your body, which helps boosts cell regeneration and respiration. ATP makes you more energized and stimulates blood flow. Moreover, citrus sinensis has Vitamin C that keeps your blood vessels healthy and strong.   If your blood vessels are healthy, your erection becomes stiffer and lasts longer.   Other ingredients include: 
  • Ginkgo Biloba 
  • Tribulus Terrestris 
  • Ginseng Root extract
  • Pomegranate
  All of the ingredients are natural plant extracts and therefore, perfectly safe.    How Do Viasil Pills Work?   The main issue with any sexual issue you might be facing, whether that’s ED or low libido, is your bloodstream. A long-lasting and stiff erection comes from healthy blood flow to your penis.    Viasil has been designed to promote healthy blood flow by not only increasing penile blood flow but also by increasing oxygenation. As mentioned, Viasil, with its many ingredients, produces nitric oxide and ATP in your body, which give you more energy and sexual stamina.    Therefore, if you take Viasil regularly, you can increase your sexual performance. If you’re looking to increase your penis size, we recommend that you use these pills with other penis enhancement techniques.  For example, you can take Viasil and use a penis pump. The Viasil will enhance the effect of the pump by helping your skin cells regenerate and grow more quickly once they’ve been stretched by the pump.   Who Can Take Viasil Pills? If you’re having trouble in the bedroom, Viasil is made just for you. It helps men build their libido, sexual stamina, and boosts erection quality. You can counter ED or premature ejaculations and develop stiffer, longer-lasting erections.  However, if you’re suffering from a severe case of ED, you may need something more potent. Make sure to consult your doctor on whether this is a good idea for you.  Moreover, men who want to enhance their penis size may also take Viasil pills. It’s a health supplement so while it won’t directly enhance penis size, it’ll increase the effects of any penis enlargement tool or exercise.    How to Take Viasil Pills? The instructions on the box say to take the pill at least 30 minutes before intercourse. You can consult your doctor on the proper dosage for you but don’t take more than one pill per day. Viasil is a highly effective supplement so taking larger doses may result in some side effects.  Since the ingredients are public, make sure to check them all. This is to avoid any allergic reactions after buying the pills. Just imagine. It would be both a waste of money and potentially dangerous for you. Only use the pills according to the instructions on the box or according to your doctor’s recommendation. Remember: once you have found your dosage, don’t miss it. If you want to see results, it’s necessary to be consistent in taking your pills.  However, you should take a break after three or four months rather than take it continuously. This is the manufacturer’s recommendation.   Is Viasil a Scam? The short answer is no. As most online testimonials will tell you, Viasil is a perfectly safe dietary supplement. Like any other pill or supplement, it has its side effects but don’t worry. They’re limited as compared to other penis enhancement pills and they’re also very rare.    However, there are many unreliable pills and supplements out there. If a manufacturer is scamming you, you will usually see one of two things:    
  • Beware – A counterfeit version of the brand 
  If you look for products at third-party sources, you may risk buying counterfeit, used, or expired pills. Just a word of caution: Viasil is only available from the manufacturer’s website so don’t rely on any third-party source.     
  • Free trials
  When companies offer free trials, they’re looking to attract new buyers. This is a marketing technique, but you can tell it’s a scam if the company doesn’t have a transparent presence online and is promising impossible results without any reliable testimonies online.     There are many testimonies available for Viasil online. All you have to do is perform a Google search.    Pros:
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Convenient to use
  • FDA certified
  • Highly effective
Conclusion Simply put, Viasil is a great performance enhancer that boosts virility and strength in your sex life. It has high-quality, 100% natural ingredients that not only boost your sexual health but also support your overall bodily functions.   If you’re looking for an easy solution, Viasil may be the one for you. The bottom line is that you should try it out and if you’re not satisfied, you can just ask for a refund.  en_1600X300_v1
Bathmate HydroXtreme9 Review

Bathmate HydroXtreme9 Review

Does Bathmate Work?


What is the Bathmate HydroXtreme9?

The Bathmate HydroXtreme9 is a powerful penis pump that comes with a new valve as well as the Bathmate handball unit. The valve helps create pressure, either low, medium, or high. 

All you need to do is use the pump with water for about 15 minutes. The handball unit gets rid of the water, creating a vacuum inside the pump. The vacuum keeps your penis erect and helps you build erection quality as well as stamina. Moreover, the hydro pump helps expand the tissues on your skin, helping to increase girth and length. 

Simply add the Bathmate HydroXtreme9 to your everyday bath routine, and you’ll receive fast results. With steady usage and appropriate recovery periods between sessions, you can increase your penis size by 1.5 inches in just five months. However, the increments differ from person to person, depending on your body type.  

The Bathmate HydroXtreme9 comes with loads of extras, including an easy-to-read measuring gauge, which helps you keep track of even small changes. The package also includes a foam pad, lube, and a security lock for your comfort.  

To sum it up, the Bathmate HydroXtreme9 is:


  • For Advanced Users

The Bathmate HydroXtreme9 is good for naturally well-endowed users as well as those that have graduated from smaller penis pumps. It’s a powerful device with great pressure, so if you’re looking for something gentler in the same size range, the Bathmate HydroMax9 is a better choice. 


  • Expert-Approved

You don’t have to be wary of using this hydro pump as it, like all Bathmate products, comes expert certified. It’s completely safe to use as long as you follow the instructions. 

You just need to make sure you have secured it properly and have adjusted the pressure properly. Otherwise, you risk getting hurt or leaving marks.


  • Very Convenient

The trademark handball unit is convenient because you don’t have to work as hard to create the right pressure. However, what’s more, convenient is the fact that you only have to use the hydro pump once or twice a day.

Since it’s an advanced pump, the recommended usage is lesser than that of smaller pumps. As mentioned, you can simply add the hydro pump to your daily hygiene routine. However, while you don’t have to use it more than once, you can. The number of sessions you need is obviously up to you and your doctor.  


  • Warranty available
  • Nice grey color
  • Complete tool kit included
  • Double-foam comfort pads
  • Easy to store


In sum, the Bathmate HydroXtreme9 is a penis pump specifically designed for pros. If you’re a larger size and looking for a comfortable size penis pump, this hydro pump is made just for you. 

6.5 inches or more. 

Bathmate HydroXtreme9 Price

Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Review
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Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy Review

Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy Review


Is Bathmate Effective?

Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Review

A penis pump is certainly the best way for men to grown their penis with a natural proven process.  It also helps to maximize erection quality and reduce erectile dysfunction due to increased blood flow.

Maybe, you have the girth, a nice thick penis but it isn’t as long as you would like. An extra inch would make you feel more confident in the bedroom and let’s be honest – fun to have!

If you’ve got unconventionally impressive girth, it can be difficult to find the right penis pump. Bathmate solves this problem for you by introducing the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy. 

The Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is the second in Bathmate’s Wide Boy range (after Bathmate’s HydroMax7 Wide Boy.)

Like the Bathmate HydroXtreme7, the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is for men who are five to seven inches long when fully erect. However, the HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy specifically caters to men who have a girth of 6.5 inches or more. 


How to Use the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy?

The Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is perhaps the most popular in the HydroXtreme series. This is because the HX7 Wide Boy is a very powerful yet safe-to-use hydro pump. It comes with a two-year warranty and a 30-day cash-back guarantee, making it a risk-free purchase.


You should start using the HX7 Wide Boy with three sessions per day, each lasting 15 minutes. You need to fill the hydro pump with water before inserting your penis. Be careful to avoid your testicles while inserting. After that, you just need to pull the handball, which will release the water and create an even vacuum inside. 


It’s a good choice for more experienced users because it has such powerful pressure. However, first-timers can use the hydro pump with certain penis pump exercises (specified in the instruction manual.) Also, first-timers should use the pump without the handball until they’re used to the pressure. 


The handball unit allows you to start building up pressure in the hydro pump, which is tough if you haven’t used a penis pump before. The handball unit has its perks though, as it lets you maximize the pressure to your preferences. This optimizes your results and allows you to improve your length, girth, and erection quality.


Apart from all this, the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy has three defining features: 


  • Enhancement Results

This hydro pump is about 35% more powerful than regular penis pumps. It utilizes hydrotherapy pressure, which allows you to get great results in limited periods. The only catch is that you need to be consistent with your sessions. 


For example, if the doctor has prescribed you three sessions per day, you must follow through. The enhancement technology in the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is such that you see improvements even after the first session.  


  • User-friendliness


The HX7 Wide Boy is also very easy to use. If you’re a first time user, you get clear instructions on how to effectively use the device. Even without the instructions, you can easily figure out what to do using the structure of the device. 


  • Skin Safety


Lastly, the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is clinically tested and certified by urology and sexology experts around the world. It has skin-safe materials such as silicon, and a security lock keeps the pump secure, protecting your skin and testicles. 



  • No noise

  • Great fit

  • Innovative technology

  • Helpful customer service

  • Cleaning equipment included



  • Expensive

  • Only for water-use



To conclude, the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is a great device for men with large girths. The experts at Bathmate understand how hard it is to find comfortable penis pumps for larger sizes, which is how the HX7 Wide Boy came to be. We urge you to try it out. 

Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Review
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Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Review

Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Review


Is Bathmate Effective?

Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Review

After the Bathmate HydroXtreme5 comes the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 in Bathmate’s spectacular line of high-quality penis pumps. The size range for the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 is from five to seven inches (when fully erect.)


The Bathmate HydroXtreme7 is a water pump, specifically made for penis enlargement. This hydro pump comes at a great price with a life-long warranty (on the condition that you buy directly from the manufacturer). Bathmate sells products all over the world, including the US and Canada. 

How Does the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Work?

If your erection size is between five to seven inches, the HydroXtreme7 will work wonders for you. It works by encasing your penis in a vacuum, stimulating the blood flow to your penis by dilating the blood vessels. 


With enhanced blood flow, your erection can stand taller and last longer. Accelerated blood flow also expands the cavernous tissues present on your penis, which helps increase length and girth. 


The Bathmate HydroXtreme7 is made of sturdy yet skin-safe materials, including silicone, polycarbonate, and stainless steel. The materials are all water-proof and dust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning the pump out. 


Moreover, the recommended usage of HydroXtreme7 is between three to five times a week. You need to keep using the hydro pump as the results are gradual. In the long-run, your penile health and sexual well-being will drastically improve. 


However, experts do recommend using this pump in conjunction with penis enlargement pills for more efficiency. 


It has the following features, which make it distinct from similar hydro pumps:


  • Comfort


Like all the HydroXtreme models, the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 also comes with an advanced handball pump. Traditional penis pumps require you to compress the pump to create a vacuum suction. This method is oftentimes difficult and slightly painful. HydroXtreme7 solves this problem and gives you added comfort. 


As mentioned, the hydro pump is made with safe materials, which have been clinically proven to be risk-free for the genital area. 


  • Reliability


HydroXtreme7 has a more refined design than similar hydro pumps. It has a tighter seal and double-foam comfort pads so that you can use the pump easily. The tight seal ensures a steady vacuum inside the pump and limits movement. Therefore, you can maximize the benefits of the pump. 


Also, the hydro pump may be a bit pricey, but it’s a good investment because it’ll last you for years to come. 


  • Health Promotion


Additionally, the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 has adjustable pressure, which helps promote penile health. By using the pump at their own pace, users can easily achieve the results they’re looking for. The adjustable settings also prevent over-pressurizing, which is risky and can cause injury.  

For the first month or so, doctors recommend keeping a low-pressure setting. As time goes on, users can increase the setting at their will. 



  • Certified by FDA, doctors and other experts

  • Boosts health

  • Return policy

  • Free delivery

  • Size calculator available




Simply put, if you haven’t tried out the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 yet, you’re missing out. This penis pump is a simple and easy way to achieve penis enlargement without the pain and hassle of surgical treatments. 

Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Review
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