Alternatives to Penis Enlargement Pills

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

Natural Penis Enlargement

We are sure no one wants a small penis. However, you don’t have to wallow in pity anymore because you can improve your penis size without going through surgeries. Fortunately, there are some effective non-surgical penis enlargement options that you can opt for. 


In this article, I am going to shed some light on non-surgical penis enlargement methods. Choose the one you are comfortable with and get ready for an amazing sex life. 

Top 4 Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Methods

Before I list down the tips, I would like to say that personal grooming is equally important. Losing weight can make your penis look bigger as well. Anyway, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the penis enlargement methods.


Pay Attention to Your Health

It kind of looks silly to see people whining about their penis size when they have a messed up eating and sleeping schedule. The penis is part of your body. Without taking proper care, you could try anything, from pills to different exercises, but if your routine is not right, nothing would be effective.


Also, drinking alcohol and smoking could stop your penis from growing, especially if you started all this at an early age. To get a healthy penis, you have to sort out the things that are harmful to your overall health.   

Penis Enlargement Pills And Herbs

I am sure you have come across a lot of pills and herbs that claim to increase your penis size. However, what they really do is increase the quality of erection. Due to the increased blood flow, you will get harder erections for a longer time. 


If you’re thinking to try those, make sure you buy from trusted sources because most of the websites selling these products are not reliable. Another good thing to do is take guidance from your doctor since such products come with side-effects


Jelqing is an ancient practice known for increasing penis size. Once your penis is lubricated and half-erect, you need to form an O shaped gesture using your index finger and thumb. Start from the base and move upwards slowly with light pressure. You have to do this exercise daily for at least 20 minutes to increase the blood flow to the tip of your penis. 


Remember to stay patient because results won’t appear immediately. It’s a slow process with benefits and side-effects if not done properly. Therefore, make sure to watch youtube tutorials and use a good amount of lubricant. 

Penis Pump

Out of all the options, the penis pump is by far the best. By using a penis pump, you will see remarkable changes in the length and girth of your penis. Alongside this, you will also get harder, long-lasting erection. 


So, how long do you have to wait to see the results? Just a few months and your penis will grow up to one to two inches. Keep in mind that not every penis pump works the same. I would suggest you go for Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps since they are medically approved. To get better results, make sure your diet is up to the mark, and you are keeping the instructions in mind while jelqing.


Surgeries are costly with a list of side-effects. However, it is possible to increase your penis size by improving your lifestyle, exercising, and using a functional penis pump. I hope this article helps you in taking the right step. Beware of the side-effects of some methods and choose wisely.

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Alternatives to Penis Enlargement Pills

Alternatives to Penis Enlargement Pills

Natural Penis Enlargement

Imagine how smooth your sex life would have been if pills and potions could actually increase your penis size. I mean, it sounds easy. You just have to take some pills and bang – you have what you want. Well, welcome to the reality where penis enlargement pills either don’t work or they work with long term side-effects. 


That’s not a fair deal, right? Luckily enough, there are alternatives to penis enlargement pills you can consider trying. In this article, you will find other effective ways to increase your penis size.

What are the Alternatives to Penis Enlargement Pills?

Before I dive into the good part, it is important to figure out what’s wrong with taking penis enlargement pills. Even if we keep side-effects aside, for now, there are other red flags which you can’t ignore. 


Firstly, you will hardly come across any trusted sources who are selling such pills – this is a major drawback. Secondly, although these pills claim to increase your penis length, they mostly focus on making your erection harder. 


Nevertheless, it’s better to look for other options available to increase your penis size. Let’s get started!


  • Go For Penis Enlargement Surgery


Penis Enlargement Surgeries are normally recommended for men having a micropenis. So, before you decide to take this big step, just make sure that your penis is below the average size – 5.1 inches when fully erect. 


Coming to the types, there are two basic surgeries, namely:



  • Penile lengthening



As the name suggests, this method focuses on increasing the length by cutting off the tough fibre known as suspensory ligament. Once the procedure is done, your penis shaft will be more visible. Hence, you will see a size difference in your penis. 



  •  Penile Girth Enhancement



With this method, you can have an increased penis girth temporarily. Why is that so? Well, the method is based on injecting fat to the penis. However, your body will reabsorb the injected fat eventually, leaving you with a lumpy penis.  


  • Try Penile Extenders 


They kind of look like a torture device. Keeping the statistics in mind, you may increase the length of your flaccid penis if you can handle the pain and discomfort for about 6 to 7 months. Yes, you read that right! No pain, no gain.


You have to wear a penile extender daily for a maximum of 8 hours, which is, frankly speaking, not possible for most of the guys. Unless you have nothing to do for 6 months straight, penile extenders is not a good option because you will have trouble performing your daily tasks. 


Be very sure to follow all the instructions while wearing this device as one wrong step will end up damaging your penis tissues. A good option here is to consult your doctor who can guide you where to buy a legitimate penile extender. 


  • Use Penis Pumps


As long as you are buying a penis pump from a trusted source, there is nothing you have to worry about. Unlike the aforementioned options, penis pumps are not expensive at all. Alongside Jelqing, you have to use a penis pump daily for twenty minutes. However, you have to be patient as the results take a span of 5 to 6 months to appear. 


What can you expect from penis pumps? Well, if you are specifically using a bathmate penis pump, you will notice a remarkable change in your penis size and girth. You can probably last longer in bed since you will get harder erections overtime. 


There is a reason why bathmate penis pumps have a 92% satisfaction rate. If you are doing everything right, these pumps are beyond perfect.  


On a side note, jelqing is not necessary but you will get better results if you jelq wearing a penis pump.




I hope you got what you were looking for in this article. Just keep an eye on your diet, stay away from harmful pills, and choose the right way to increase your penis size. Yes, it is possible!

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