Bathmate HydroMax5 Review

Bathmate HydroMax5 Review

If you are looking for non surgical penis enlargement without the risk of taking penis pills, you must check out the Bathmate penis pumps. T

They are consistently ranked the #1 penis pumps in the world and have helped thousands of men get bigger, stronger erections with a natural method.

It also offers a solution if you face erectile problems, as the increased blood flow will help overcome erectile dysfunction.

Bathmate is a well-established brand that produces high-quality water pumps for penis enhancement. The Bathmate HydroMax5 is a popular hydro pump in the HydroMax series.

It stands out from traditional penis pumps due to its lasting quality and ergonomic design. It’s an ideal choice for erection sizes between three to five inches. Among Bathmate’s different ranges of penis pumps, the HydroMax5 is tighter fitting and guarantees 35% more effectiveness than regular pumps.

HydroMax5 Price

Hydromax5 – $139  

Why Choose the Bathmate HydroMax5 Hydro Pump?

If you meet the size criteria, you should buy the Bathmate HydroMax5 because it gives you noticeable results, improving not only your sexual health but also your self-confidence. It is a hydro pump, which means it’s intended to be used in water. The water helps create a strong vacuum suction inside the tube, so your penis stands erect.

Consequently, it’s a very powerful device and one of Bathmate’s best-sellers worldwide. According to feedback on online platforms, users have reported a 92% satisfaction rating, so you know you’re getting a reliable product. Moreover, there is a two-year warranty and a 60-day return policy, so it’s a risk-free purchase.

Keep in mind that buying the right size is very important as larger sized penis pump will decrease the pressure inside the pump, leaving you with little to no results. The HydroMax5 delivers optimum results for users with four to five inches long penis. 

You can even use it with other penis enlargement techniques such as jelqing for maximum results. However, simply using the pump alone is enough because it’s very high-performance. 

To sum it up, the Bathmate Hydromax5:



  • Is for Intermediate Users


On the whole, the HydroMax series is for intermediate users, whereas the HydroXtreme series is for advanced users. The pressure setting is to suit users with intermediate experience. However, first-timers can also use this pump as it’s easy to get used to after a few tries.   



  • Gives Lasting Results


As mentioned, the Bathmate HydroMax5 is very high-performance, so even a 15-minute session is enough to last you a few hours. Therefore, if you’re going out, anticipating a one-nighter, simply use this for 15 minutes beforehand, and the erection strength will last you the entire night.  


  • Has a Comfortable Design


The Bathmate HydroMax5 fits very comfortably as it has extra space inside. Consequently, you can fit the pump on your erection even if you are slightly larger in girth. Although, if you have a significantly larger girth, we recommend skipping onto the HydroMax7 Wide Boy. 


  • Can rotate the pump
  • Tight sealing security lock
  • Adjustable settings
  • Size guide included
  • More powerful pressure


To conclude, the Bathmate HydroMax5 is one of the most versatile penis-pumps on the market. You get a lot of extras inside the package, including a cleaning kit and measuring scale (so you can keep track of your progress.) We strongly urge to try it out as it’s one of the only reliable penis enlargement tools out there.

Bathmate HydroMax Series Round-Up Review

Bathmate HydroMax Series Round-Up Review

Bathmate HydroMax Series Round-Up Review

HydroMax Series (formerly HydroMax X-Series)

Who hasn’t had problems with ED or premature ejaculation at one point or another? Let’s be honest. We’ve all been there so the good news is that there are many solutions out there. One such solution is the Bathmate HydroMax series, a line of high-quality penis pumps.


The Bathmate HydroMax series has hydro pump technology that you use in water. It builds up a great deal of suction, helping you improve your penis size, girth, and quality. 


Bathmate has a client-base all around the world, including the US and UK. 92% of their customers have reported positively about the HydroMax series. 

Why? Let’s find out.  

HydroMax Price

Hydromax 3 – $129

Hydromax5 – $129

Hydromax7 – $159

Hydromax7 WideBoy – $149

Hydromax0 – $199  


Bathmate HydroMax3 Review

First off, we have the Bathmate HydroMax3, which is built for men with erection sizes between one to three inches. The vacuum suction created underwater will give you hard and fast results. It’s easy to use and the pressure is adjustable via the superflow valve. 


If you combine it with other penis enhancement techniques like jelqing or penis enlargement pills, the results will be much better. You’ll probably need to start with one session per day, but you can eventually increase that number for longer-lasting results. 



  • Good for micropenises
  • Immediate difference
  • Easy to use
  • Fast graduation to advanced pumps
  • Confidence booster

Bathmate HydroMax5 Review

For men with erection sizes between three to five inches, the Bathmate HydroMax5 is the second hydro pump in the series. The Bathmate HydroMax3, while very effective, is more for beginners. 

This penis pump is a very high-performance device and is consequently, one of the most popular Bathmate products. A single session will last you the entire night, so if you’re planning a night with you SO, just use the Bathmate HydroMax5 10 minutes beforehand.


  • Fast pressure
  • Easily rotate the pump
  • Sturdy and secure
  • More effective than alternatives
  • Size guide included

Bathmate HydroMax7 Review

Next, we have the Bathmate HydroMax7, which is for penis lengths up to seven inches. This hydro pump is unique because it gives you both temporary and long-lasting changes. Many penis pumps don’t give noticeable changes until at least a month has passed. 

Since the Bathmate HydroMax7 is more advanced, you get to see these changes much sooner. Moreover, you can easily adjust the pressure to your liking, using the suction valve. Whether you want to tone it down or turn it up, you just need to rotate the valve. 

Therefore, you don’t need to bear with any discomfort you might feel. However, be warned. Using the pump at high-pressure may cause red dots to appear. Don’t panic. These are just burst capillaries and they will repair themselves in a couple of days. 


  • Good for intermediate users and first-timers
  • Works well in water and air
  • Tight sealing lock
  • Free shipping
  • Better stamina

Bathmate HydroMax7 Wide Boy Review

The Bathmate HydroMax7 Wide Boy is a roomier version of the HydroMax7. Many men with larger girths find it difficult to get a comfortably fitting penis pump. This pump is particularly for men with larger girths and will fit men with girths a minimum of six inches. 

The walls around the pump give your penis plenty of room to grow. Also, the security lock is easily adjustable to your size and you can use it to increase the suction inside the pump. Therefore, if you have an intermediate case of ED, the HydroMax7 Wide Boy is a comfortable yet reliable solution for you. 

Additionally, by using the pump regularly, you can increase your penis size by 1.5 inches in just a few months. This is because of the advanced hydraulic pressure inside the pump, which is very powerful and effective.


  • Very spacious
  • Three different colors
  • Affordable
  • Advanced results
  • User-friendly design

Bathmate HydroMax9 Review

The last in the series, the Bathmate HydroMax9 is 15% larger than other penis pumps on the market. If you have a penis size between seven and nine inches, the HydroMax9 will help you train your sexual stamina and enhance your penis size by 25%.

Since it’s the most advanced pump, having previous experience using penis pumps will help you. This is not to say that inexperienced users won’t find this tool useful. It’s just that the HydroMax9 is a very strong and sturdy penis pump with higher suction than others. 



  • Sturdy build
  • Long-lasting results
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very convenient to use
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To sum it up, the Bathmate HydroMax series includes safe and durable penis pumps. They’re made with strong, skin-safe materials, tested and approved by experts worldwide. We urge you to try them out because they’re very effective and reliable.  


Bathmate HydroVibe Review

Get Extra Gains With Your Pump!


Bathmate HydroVibe

The Bathmate HydroVibe is the perfect addition to any of Bathmate’s hydro pumps, including the HydroXtreme series. The Bathmate HydroVibe provides great stimulation to your penis, allowing you to enhance the effects of your penis pump. Therefore, if you’re looking for something extra, this tool combines sexual health and sexual stimulation into one. 


The Bathmate HydroVibe isn’t an ordinary vibrator. It provides you with over 100 different vibration settings, so you can adjust the device according to your preferences. It works exclusively with hydro-based penis pumps and is completely waterproof.

Bathmate HydroVibe Price

How to Use the Bathmate HydroVibe?

The HydroVibe is a hydro device that includes a wide, silicon band and two large-sized bullet vibrators. The band is meant to be adjusted over your penis pump so that your experience is more pleasurable. 


As mentioned, you can control the vibration frequency from multiple pulse settings. The pulses are easy to control via the power buttons, although it can be tricky at first. Make sure to take off the plastic covering over the buttons before your first use. Otherwise, it’s hard to push down the button and sync both the bullets. 


The Bathmate HydroVibe works great with any penis pump (that meets the size criteria), but Bathmate pumps are preferable. Bathmate hydro pumps fit perfectly within the silicon ring, and you don’t have to worry about it becoming intact.  

Additionally, the bullets are easy to charge as you just need to unscrew the tops to access the charging ports. The charging ports are standard USB ports and can be plugged into any compatible outlets. 

By using the Bathmate HydroVibe, you get multiple benefits, including:

  • Relaxed Muscles

Generally, vibrations are great to sooth out muscle stress and eliminate knots. The Bathmate HydroVibe gives you 100 different vibration settings, so by finding the right one, you can get amazing results. 

Not only will this allow you to feel greater pleasure, but this will also help you prolong your pleasure.  

  • Improved Mood

Also, by combining Bathmate penis pumps with the HydroVibe, you get a higher production of oxytocin, which is the hormone associated with good moods. You can relax and rid yourself of any negative emotions. 


  • Enhanced Blood Flow

The HydroVibe also allows blood to flow more successfully throughout your body. Vibration helps increase the rate of blood flow, increasing the rate at which your organs receive nutrients and oxygen. Consequently, your overall health is positively affected.

  • Pain Relief

Additionally, the Bathmate HydroVibe works as a pain relief as it also helps release a hormone called enkephalin. Increased amounts of enkephalin improve sleep patterns as well as fights against muscle pain. 

Moreover, if you feel discomfort using the Bathmate penis pumps alone, the HydroVibe helps eliminate this discomfort. 


  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to charge
  • Waterproof vibrator
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


In sum, the Bathmate HydroVibe is a highly versatile and powerful product. It will help increase the effects from your Bathmate hydro pump as well as unmatched pleasure. All you need to do is add it to your bath time routine. 


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